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The contents and contributors available by clicking on the buttons above are from our current issue. All information for past issues can be found on their corresponding pages.

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  • Summer 2001 Issue Number 29
    Inspired by playwright John Guare's latest play, Chaucer In Rome, this issue of the Lincoln Center Theater Review "explores the nature of pilgrimage--religious and artistic--and, in particular, the lure of Italy, the mesmerizing power of Rome over generations of seekers and artists."
  • Spring 2001 Issue Number 28
    As Part of a special double issue publishing with Issue Number 27, this issue focuses on Tom Stoppard's play The Invention of Love.
  • Winter 2001 Issue Number 27
    As Part of a special double issue publishing with Issue Number 28, this issue focuses on Jon Robin Baitz's play Ten Unknowns.
  • Fall 2000 Issue Number 26
    This issue of the Lincoln Center Theater Review delves into New York society and its preoccupations... The articles in this issue address New York society and money--both old and new. We also investigate the architecture of the homes and gardens that adorned this world.
  • Summer 2000 Issue Number 25
    This issue of the Lincoln Center Theater Review focuses on some of the thorniest questions rasied by Rebecca Gilman's Spinning Into Butter: what assumptions do people of different races make about each other?; can integration change those stereotypes?; how?...
  • Winter 2000 Issue Number 24
    Time of the Cuckoo is set in Venice in the early 1950s, and the first meaning that springs to mind is the Italian tradition that the time when the cuckoos return is the time for love. But the play ranges through the questions of what home is, whether one can take it abroad, whether one should, whether one can ever be truly at home in another nest. These articles explore the play and the notion of traveling, particularly in Italy.
  • Fall 1999 Issue Number 23
    Lincoln Center Theater Review has gotten moody. In this issue, which includes articles on Michael John LaChiusa's new musical, Marie Christine, and Susan Stroman and John Weidman's dance-play, Contact, we address the difficult question of how artists create a mood...
  • Summer 1999 Issue Number 22
    This magazine was founded eleven years ago as a journey of ideas about theater. This issue, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, extends that mandate: it is a journal of ideas about the future of theater.
  • Spring 1999 Issue Number 21
    Ring Round The Moon and Via Dolorosa couldn't seem more different. Yet we've found that thinking about these plays and their authors together has created an illuminating cross-pollination of ideas about how we use art to understand the society around us.
  • Fall 1998 Issue Number 20
    This issue of the Lincoln Center Theater Review focuses on the always wondrous process of creating musicals and on the background to this new musical, Parade.
  • Summer 1998 Issue Number 19
    Why Twelfth Night, and why now? This Shakespeare issue will tell you; it also will give some background on this production and insight into some of the issues Twelfth Night raises.
  • Spring 1998 Issue Number 18
    This issue brings together two plays that explore ideas about family and memory.
  • Fall 1997 Issue Number 17
    The Pride's Crossing and Ivanov Issue
  • Spring/Summer 1997 Issue Number 16
    "Wendy Wasserstein's An American Daughter became the inspiration for this politcs and theater issue."
  • Fall/Winter 1996 Issue Number 15 (Special Anniversary Issue)
    Lincoln Center Theater's 10th Anniversary Issue "This journal has been brought into existence as a means of investigating Theater's unique power and the way in which it bears witness to our time."
  • Fall 1995 Issue Number 14
    "...a wonderfully rich tapestry of voices--interviews, discussions, essays and play excerpts--that examine aspects of religion in David Hare's Racing Demon and in several other playwright's work as well."
  • Summer 1995 Issue Number 13
    This issue features the work of students who participate in Lincoln Center Theater's Education Program.
  • Spring 1995 Issue Number 12
    "Hannah Jarvis and Bernard Nightingale, the sleuthing biographers in Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia, have inspired The New Theater Review to examine the art of biography."
  • Fall 1994 Issue Number 11
    "Art and science have often made uneasy partners.... In this issue.. we examine the relationship between art and science..."
  • Spring 1994 Issue Number 10
    "All the wonderful dancing and singing, the bright lights, the loud orchestra, all the high-stepping chorus girls, the center-stage stars, the hit tunes, the comedy and the laughter--all that sizzling excitement defined American musicals during the first half of this century..."
  • Fall 1993 Issue Number 9
    "Lincoln Center Theater's revival of Robert E. Sherwood's Abe Lincoln In Illinois prompted The New Theater Review to examine why so many plays from Sherwood's time are rarely revived..."

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