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Friends Program
No tote bags...  No umbrellas...  No coffee mugs...

Just good plays
made possible by your gift
to Lincoln Center Theater.

In order to persuade you to make a donation, some organizations offer you the world -- the world of tote bags, mugs, umbrellas, T-shirts, sweatshirts, posters... you get the idea.

We've got a feeling that, if you're like most of us, you've got too many unused tote bags and mismatched mugs tucked away in closets and cupboards, sent to you in return for a contribution to your favorite not-for-profit organizations.

You might ask: what do tote bags have to do with producing plays? The world could definitely use a few more good plays, but how many more mugs and umbrellas can anybody really use?

So we've decided not to succumb to this form of persuasion, and in return for your tax deductable gift to Lincoln Center Theater, we hereby promise:

We'll use every dollar you give to continue to produce the kinds of plays and musicals you like to see at Lincoln Center Theater.

That's a promise you can count on. And even though it won't keep you dry in the rain or help carry your groceries, it might just bring a little more comedy, drama and musical theater joy into your life. And what could be better than that?

So why not send a gift to Lincoln Center Theater today?
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Click here and mail-in your Friends Program form today.
Simply print out the following form and fill it out. Mail it back to us, and we'll process your contribution right away.

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