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Each year the Lab does something different. For the last two years, we have explored work written in the past. These Labs consisted of a three week intensive Lab followed by 12 productions sponsored by the Lab at the American Living Room Directors Cabaret at HERE in July.

This year, we are combining these two parts of the Lab into one. The Lab will be longer this year; it will be more production oriented. In 2002 we will work together over a period of seven weeks in rehearsal and performance to take the temperature of new writing in a series of productions of short plays, directed and produced by Lab directors, each presented for two evenings at HERE. From Tuesday night June 25 to Friday evening July 26 the Lab will present 30 new plays.

The Lab proper will begin on the evening of the first performance - June 25 - and it will end on July 20. This four week footprint within the larger 7 weeks will allow every one of the 30 projects to be observed in various stages of rehearsal and production. Rehearsals for the first productions will begin on June 14 and the final performance will take place Friday July 26. For a complete schedule CLICK HERE.

We anticipate a Lab day to involve sessions at LCT of speakers, discussions, panels or visiting master artists for several hours in the morning or afternoon, rehearsal observation each day and in the evenings viewing productions of fellow Lab members. These Lab productions you have seen will join the subjects under discussion as the Lab goes on.

Philosophically, we want to open the Lab to the work of new writers, most especially now in 2002. After what we have all been through, artists with any heart may be discouraged, or blocked. We hope it will be a vote of confidence and strength to open our Lab to young writers, to loop them in to exploring where we all are now - what we feel and don't feel, what we know and don't know about ourselves. We want you to approach your peers, to meet writers you don't know yet with an invitation : I have the possibility of directing your play in the LCT Lab this summer. Do you have something that we could explore together in the context of a large and supportive environment where everyone is dedicated to an identical task? We hope that many of the writers will be able to join us in the Lab and be part of our sessions during the days as well.

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